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Important Paper On Impact of Technology On Need For Lawyers May Answer One Question, But Ask Bigger Ones

A recent New York Times article reports on a just drafted study on the potential impact on legal employment markets of the spread of technology. As explained in the Times: . . . [T]here are many human activities that cannot … Continue reading

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UK Court Divorce Software Made Obvious Math Errors, Not Noticed For Almost 20 Months, Till Nonlawyer Caught it

The Guardian has a story that should cause terror to those who design legal software without properly testing it, as well as those who say we have to limit practice to fully trained lawyers. As the Guardian reports, the online … Continue reading

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Could We Get to 100% Access Without As Many New Resources As We Now Assume, a Very Rough Analysis?

It’s a truism and an article of faith in the access to justice community that the only way to get to 100% access to justice is a massive infusion of money. It might well be true, but try this mental … Continue reading

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What Might “Access to Justice Sullivan Principles” Look Like?

I recently blogged about the idea of access to justice “Sullivan Principles”.  As man will remember, the Sullivan Principles were a set of principles for corporations about dealing with the old apartheid regime in South Africa.  While some criticized these … Continue reading

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We Need a National Campaign for Access to Justice — Why the CCJ/COSCA Resolution Makes it So Much Easier and What Might It Start to Look Like?

There are lots of reasons why we really do not have in place anything like a national campaign for 100% access     (Although we have certainly become much better at talking about the need).  One of the reasons for the … Continue reading

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The Pope Joins the Simplification Movement

In the slow-moving Vatican bureaucracy, it’s big news, as reported in the Washington Post, when the annulment procedures are made easier.  Or, as Katherine Alteneder put it:  “The Pope joins the simplification movement.” Specifically: The changes will eliminate a requirement … Continue reading

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LSC’s Jim Sandman Interview Shows Pace of Change in Access to Justice

A recent interview that LSC’s Jim Sandman gave to Bloomberg/BDA underlines how fast things are changing in access to justice.  Among the nuggets: Among the reasons Jim gives for the access crisis is  “A regulatory system that stultifies innovation and … Continue reading

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