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New CCJ/COSCA Resolution on 100% Access, and How to Get There, Is a Tipping Point

The week before last, the Conference of (state) Chief Justices, and the Conference of State Court Administrators jointly passed two Resolutions that together predict a tipping pint forward in moving to justice.  One sets an aspirational goal of 100% access … Continue reading

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ATJ Commissions Planning Survey Shows Energy, Common Directions and Interest in Multi-State Networking

After the Access to Justice Commissions meeting this spring in Austin, the Commissions were invited to respond to a brief survey as to their interest in following up on the areas for possible initiatives that had been the focus of … Continue reading

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How State-Wide Groups Might Help Deal With The “Ferguson Chasm”

Here are some suggestions for how ATJ Commissions and other statewide groups (or those just advocating) might move forward on addressing the “Ferguson Chasm” — the gap between communities and the entire legal system, epitomized by Ferguson using the court … Continue reading

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Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project Highlights Potential of Simplifcation

The October E-SJI News includes an article on the report by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) on the Colorado Civil Access Pilot. The core idea of the project which is focused on business cases, … Continue reading

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Courts are Dysfunctinal for Different Kinds of Litigants in Profoundly Different Ways

It seems to me that the discussions about how to make courts work again have suffered from a problem of fragmentation. While basically all courts operate under the same rules, based on the 1930’s Federal Rule project, there are now … Continue reading

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Very Important Communications Research Released

This is one of the most important posts I have ever written.  I am honored to be authorized to post the communications research conducted by Lake Research Partners and the Torrance Group on civil legal aid and access to justice … Continue reading

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Richard Posner’s New Book Addresses Sources of Complexity in the Law

I have to admit that I am responding to the New York Times review of Posner’s new book, not the book itself. But I was fascinated by this distinction from the review. At the outset, Posner distinguishes between two kinds … Continue reading

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