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Progress in Three States on Non-Lawyer Access Innovations

There is now a lot to report on non-lawyer practice — with much of it not yet getting the attention it deserves. First development.  In New York Housing Court (Brooklyn) non-lawyer “navigators” are now actually in place helping litigants day-to-day.  … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Non-Lawyer Practice Issues After the Fordham Sypmosium

Yesterday, I was at much of the excellent Symposium Until Civil Gideon at Fordham Law School.  The panel on non-lawyer practice was particularly suggestive.  After listening to the panel, I have some thoughts. Leadership is all.  Chief Judge Lippman, by … Continue reading

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New York Court Task Force to Expand Access to Civil Legal Services Recommends Establishing Pilot Program in Non-Lawyer Practice

As presaged by testimony at one of its hearings, the New York Task Force has made, in its 2012 Report a direct recommendation to move forward on non-lawyer practice. Key Para: [T] he Task Force recommends the implementation of a … Continue reading

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Non-Lawyer Practice Idea Featured on CNN Website

Professor Gillian Hadfield, who recently testified at one of the New York Access Hearings about non-lawer practice, has an important opinion piece on the CNN Website.  She proves the total inadequacy of current access approaches, concluding that we simply have … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Claudia Johnson on The Technology Future

With the first LSC Technology and Access to Justice Summit completed, and the second in the planning phase, this blog’s guest blogger Claudia Johnson offers these general thoughts on directions for the future.

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Non-Lawyer Practice — Moving the New York Discussion Forward

I blogged recently about testimony at the New York Access to Justice hearings about the potential of non-lawyer practice. I am now able to post the actual testimony that was briefly referenced in the Reuters story. Professor Gillian Hadfield of … Continue reading

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Advocacy at New York Hearing for Non-Lawyer Access Innovations

This may be a straw in the wind. Reuters, in their report of the second of this year’s New York State hearings on Access to Justice included the following: But money alone will not solve the problem, according to testimony … Continue reading

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