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Tim Kaine Calls for New Approach to Poverty — Legal Aid Implications

Remember his wife is a former legal aid lawyer and a former judge.  According to the Detroit Free Press, in speech on Oct 16, Kaine: .  .  .  outlined the campaign’s three-pillar attack on poverty, including: Raising incomes for families, … Continue reading

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Meet Claudia Johnson’s Daughter Scarlet Johnson, Now Blogging Too

Everyone in our network knows Claudia Johnson, who frequently guest blogs in this space. But I bet you did not know that her daughter Scarlet Johnson is now a blogger too, launching her blogging with this contribution, which exudes her … Continue reading

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Maybe Flight Attendants Can Teach Courts Something about Overcoming Unconscious Bias

I think there is pretty broad agreement that all of us who work in and with the court system that it could benefit to more mindfulness in dealing with unconscious bias. A recent article in the Washington Post by a … Continue reading

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UK Supreme Court Might Be Able to Teach US Court a Lesson on Urgency of Protecting Legal Aid

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th, LSC and its friends will enjoy an invitation-only reception at the US Supreme Court following the LSC day at the White House, and to be addressed by Justice Kennedy, among others.  It is obviously a very … Continue reading

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On the Only Right Response to the Idea of US Government Making All Muslims Register

Obviously, the recently partially apparently walked-back endorsement by a US Presidential candidate of the idea of making all Muslims register is truly obscene in the light of what such a requirement led to in the Holocaust. The answer to such … Continue reading

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Both Disturbing and Humorous Piece on Ways Women Have to Present to Avoid Being Ignored

Alexandra Petri  has a piece in the Washington Post which I find sadly disturbing on Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting. Example: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Woman in a Meeting: … Continue reading

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Presidential Memorandum on Access to Justice and Legal Aid Interagency Roundtale is Major Milestone in Creating the National ATJ Mosaic

A big deal.  The President has put in place a Presidential Memorandum on access to justice and the Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable (LAIR).  This joins the Conference of Chiefs/COSCA 100% Resolution as the second huge piece in the national Mosaic … Continue reading

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