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Claudia Johnson Guest Post: Appellate Courts show willingness to reverse decisions where due process and decisions are not explained in SRL cases—Are DV cases the canary and a natural for innovation?

Multiple decisions have come to my attention where appellate courts are reversing trial courts on cases where one of the parties did not have a lawyer. All cases come from Domestic  Violence dockets. Is this a new trend for DV … Continue reading

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Council of Economic Advisors Report on Costs and Benefits of Incarceration Versus Other Approaches Incudes Excellent Arguments for Broader Impact of Access to Civil Justice

When the White House Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) speaks, the world listens. And, indeed, when the CEA issued Economic Perspectives on Incarceration and the Criminal Justice System, it was a very big deal. What was unusual was that the … Continue reading

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UK Court Divorce Software Made Obvious Math Errors, Not Noticed For Almost 20 Months, Till Nonlawyer Caught it

The Guardian has a story that should cause terror to those who design legal software without properly testing it, as well as those who say we have to limit practice to fully trained lawyers. As the Guardian reports, the online … Continue reading

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Love’s Promises — Wonderful Book on Shaping Marriage and Family To Reflect Choice

Everyone in the access to justice community knows Karen Lash as a dedicated and brilliant deputy director of the DOJ ATJ Office. Now she may be about to be even better known as the loving and loved family member portrayed … Continue reading

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