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Claudia Johnson on Lay Legal Self-Help Support in the Small Claims Context—A Trend To Watch?

In health care it is very common that persons who suffer from long term conditions or illness, or go through traumatic experiences, join self help support groups. Doctors often recommend support groups to help persons learn about self care, increase … Continue reading


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Claudia Johnson On Ideas for the 2012 TIG Round

The Legal Services Corporation has made available their Letter of Intent Request for this cycle of TIG grants. The letters are due 3/12/2012. More information can be found here. The areas of interest are 4 this year: a) using mobile … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson Blogs on Location of Services Where the Poor Now Are — in the Suburbs

One question I always ask myself is, why are most legal non profits, and their services in urban areas when the poverty populations have been moving from the city to the suburbs en mass in the past 10 years?  Why … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson blogs on “Legal Services Policy Research and the Elephant in the Room”

In reading this blog and the American Bar Foundation in Access to Justice, recent report, and other literature, including health policy analysis, I think that as we call for more research about legal services, we need to be clear about … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson on “The Year in Forms”

The year in legal online forms for the most vulnerable in our society…2011 a recap of increasing access to justice. I listen to the Beatles all the time, and there is this song that asks “what have you done?” that … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson Bloggs on Online Interviewing Issues

Claudia writes: The recent post here on online document assembly and the corollary issue of online interviewing techniques triggered may thoughts I want to share w/the readers of this blog. Online interviewing techniques in legal aid, is a very new … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson Blogs on Cost Saving LEP Ideas

In the latest MIE Journal, Jesus Salas, Monica Buckley, and Facundo Bouzat from ABLE, Ohio, publish an excellent article sharing how ABLE is developing the capacity to serve LEP clients and the methods and tools it uses to do so. … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Claudia Johnston Reflecting on Public Interest Lawyers, Technology and Change

We are living in revolutionary times. It is the first time, since 1968, when I was just a babe learning to talk by listening to the Beattles in El Salvador, that we see such amount of change and restructuring and … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson Guest Blogs on Machine Translation—First in Medicine, then in Law?

Thanks again to Claudie Johnson for her latest post: Many of us who track technology innovations get very excited about the possibilities that open up when we hear or read that that machine translation tools are becoming more and more … Continue reading

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We Welcome Guest Blogger Claudia Johnson Blogging on ATJ Tablet Ideas

Our first guest blogger is Claudia Colindres Johnson who will be adding her perspectives on access to justice here for the next month or so.  I am particularly pleased to welcome Claudia (already a frequent commenter on the blog) because … Continue reading

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Opportunity To Suggest Improvements to Washington State Access to Justice Principles

I was the consultant to the Washington State Access to Justice Principles back in the early days of this century. Now a process is underway to update and improve those principles, which were issued by the State Supreme Court in … Continue reading

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David Brooks Brilliant Column on Outsider-Insiders, and its Relevance to Our 100% Access Movement

David Brooks  had a brilliant column in the New York Times on June 25, 2016.  However, it was marred by a serious error that, while irrelevant to the force of the core idea, means that it is much less likely … Continue reading

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A Digest of The Last Month’s Comments

Just over a month ago, we launched our “Board of Commentators,” with the hope that we could stimulate broad and open discussion about the future of access to justice.  So this Digest is intended to draw some attention to the … Continue reading

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Announcing the Access to Justice Blog Board of Commentators

I am pleased and proud to announce that fifteen thoughtful and distinguished friends of access to justice have agreed to become members of this blog’s Board of Commentators.  I am particularly pleased that not all are lawyers, since we have … Continue reading

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Our Board of Commentators

The members of the Access to Justice Blog Board of Commentators are: Katherine Alteneder, Coordinator, Self-Represented Litigation Network. Martha Bergmark, Executive Director, Voices for Civil Justice. James Burdick, MD, retired Professor John Hopkins Medical School and retired Director Health Resources … Continue reading