ABA Delivery of Legal Services Committee Poll on Finding Private Lawyers – Views of Unbundling

Lots of us have been waiting for this.  The ABA Delivery Committee will soon be has now completed posting the results of its survey Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services on its website.

Here is the actual link.

Here is a preview summary of key findings:

  • People with personal legal matters prefer what is called a “trusted source,” to find a lawyer, but online tools now have a real place.
  • There is a significant decline in the use of printed directories (like phone books) and they are now used about the same as online tools.
  • Folks are not wildly excited about online tools to find lawyers, but they do like interactive question and answer tools.
  • People report themselves more willing to use free online resources that paid ones.

Most Important:

  • 70% of people are not familiar with unbundled representation, but when they are told about it, about two thirds would be interested in exploring the approach.  Younger and less well off people are most interested in the approach.

These are very important findings, particularly the ones about unbundling, and I will post the link the full report as soon as it becomes available.  I very much hope that these findings will lead more bar associations, law firms and particularly lawyer referral services to embrace the concept.  It is long overdue.

The Self-Represented Litigation Network has a PPT in its Court Leadership Package, that is designed for leadership education.  Sue Talia’s website is an important resource.


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