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New ATJ-GIS Fellowship Opportunity from SRLN

Katherine Alteneder of SRLN announces: I am delighted to seek applications for an exciting new ATJ fellowship opportunity with SRLN in partnership with Georgetown’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy and made possible with the generous support of the Public Welfare … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Claudia Johnson: What I’ve learned in the past 9 years of helping legal aid, courts, and other non-profits create online forms to promote Access for All

What I’ve learned in the past 9 years of helping legal aid, courts, and other non-profits create online forms to promote Access for All Claudia C. Johnson* While working across the U.S. in supporting states and courts adapt online forms … Continue reading

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Now is the Time to Preserve the History of Government (and More) on the Internet –The WayBack Machine

Very few people know about the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.  It is an amazing tool, which lets you look at the history of websites, that is to say how they have looked over time. Here, picking an example totally at … Continue reading

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Algorithms and Checklists May Help Deal With Implicit Bias

While I am an advocate of algorithm driven processes in law, I still have a slightly queasy feeling about the whole idea.  It comes from the fear that outcomes are not going to be “far,” but are going to be … Continue reading

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The Guidance for the Justice For All Strategic Planning Process Will Help In Many Ways Beyond The Development of Planning Project Proposals

The Justice for All Strategic Planning Guidance Materials are now published here. They will be very helpful for the states that are in the process of putting together the proposals for strategic planning money that are due on October 5, … Continue reading

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Presidential Memorandum on Access to Justice and Legal Aid Interagency Roundtale is Major Milestone in Creating the National ATJ Mosaic

A big deal.  The President has put in place a Presidential Memorandum on access to justice and the Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable (LAIR).  This joins the Conference of Chiefs/COSCA 100% Resolution as the second huge piece in the national Mosaic … Continue reading

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New York Self-Help Follows Up on Open Souce Access to Law Reviews

I rarely post based on an online comment, but this one more than deserves it. Rochelle Klempner, Counsel to NY Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Fern Fisher , just responded to my most recent post on the new public access system … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Claudia Johnson on The Technology Future

With the first LSC Technology and Access to Justice Summit completed, and the second in the planning phase, this blog’s guest blogger Claudia Johnson offers these general thoughts on directions for the future.

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Honoring Mike Genz and Remembering His Foundational Work

Mike Genz has retired from LSC (although I understand he hopes to continue to do some consulting work).  Those who know him will not be surprised that this event passed without fanfare.  Mike is not the kind of person who … Continue reading

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Wordle Tool and More

We have all seen those maps of words — indeed this blog uses one to display tags used in this blog. I have now found the free tool you can use to create your own.  Here it is (Wordle). You … Continue reading

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Migration Policy Institute Data on Foreign Born as Planning Tool

The Migration Policy Institute has a nice tool to get quick data (2009 ACS data) on foreign-born in the US, state by state. You click on a state, and then get basic information, together with links on topics such as … Continue reading

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Wonderful New Historical Analysis Tool from Google — Shows Changing Views of “Courts,” “Justice,” and “Fairness”

Google has another mind expanding tool out. They have scanned millions of books back to 1500, and created a tool that lets you analyze the frequency of use of a word since then. I tried running the history of the … Continue reading

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