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Florida Bar Foundation and SRLN gets Kudos For their ATJ Mapping from ESRI, the GIS Company

I have already raved about this product, which brilliantly brings together multiple data to show the ATJ burden and treat from the Hurricane. So it is great to see that ESRI, a very major GIS-mapping company has honored this project … Continue reading

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Moving to 100% Access Strategic Plans – The LSC TIG Program as Opportunity and Harbinger

The 2016 Legal Services Corporation Technology grant solicitation,due Feb 29, suggests one of the ways that the Chefs 100% Resolution can move towards true implementation. It creates as its first listed specific area of interest, “Achieving 100% Access,” which it … Continue reading

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Outcome Measures #2: LSC Outcomes Measures, Good News, Bad News, and A Challenge

This is number 2 in an occasional series on outcome measures.  Number 1 reiterated how important it is to develop and apply such measures system wide. There is good news and bad news on LSC outcome measures. The good news: … Continue reading

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BOA Settlement To Include Money for IOLTA Programs

I suspect that all the readers of this blog cheered todays story that the Bank of America has been forced to agree to a $16.5 billion settlement with DOJ for its mortgage shenanigans (NYT). (DOJ Press Release) Some might might have … Continue reading

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Communications Research Underlines Need for Coordinated Marketing and Enhancement of Online Tools for All

One of the clearest messages from the communications research is that the best — perhaps the only — way to get public support for increased resources for court and community based legal aid above the needed 50% threshold is to … Continue reading

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Poor Suffer From Bad Websites — What Is To Be Done?

One good side effect of the health care web site story is that it is bringing attention to the broader and longer term problem of the costs inflicted on the less fortunate by bad government technology.  The New York Times … Continue reading

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Massachussets Pioneers Economic Benefit Statement

The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (state granting program) has released a 2011 Economic Benefit Statement.  Key language: The work of MLAC-funded legal aid programs substantially boosts the Commonwealth’s economy each year by bringing in tens of millions of federal dollars, … Continue reading

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