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A Small Caution for Trump on the Pardon Power With Respect to Federal Contempts

It does appear to be good law that even Federal Court criminal contempts are pardonable by presidents.  (I had  thought there might be a separation of power claim.) However, the Supreme Curt has hinted, back in 1925, that a pattern … Continue reading

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The Charlottesville Victim Was a Paralegal

Here is my politics post in her honor: If anyone worries about the future of the world, just look into Ms. Heyer’s eyes. (Photo from Facebook, and in other media.) That gentleness and strength, as detailed in these two articles, … Continue reading

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Speculative Thoughts on Changing Lawyers in Mid-Case — Manafort Edition

I want to draw your attention to the some specific language in the Politico story on Paul Manafort’s change of lawyers, quoting a Manafort spokesman (see especially my bold language): A spokesman confirmed the change. “Mr. Manafort is in the … Continue reading

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Medicaid Survival Has Critical Messages for Access to Justice Strategy

For decades, legal aid advocates were terrified of the potential political appeal and horrendous damage that block granting Medicaid would do. We feared that as a “poor people’s program” it would have few defenders and no voting clout. We were … Continue reading

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Justice Index Gets ABA Pro Bono Award

The ABA has announced that the Justice Index has been awarded an ABA Pro Bono Award. (Press coverage of the Index here.) This certainly helps cement the status of the Index as a major infrastructure component of the access to … Continue reading

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Professional-Client Partnering Lessons

Note: This is an access to just version of a recent post on my Patient Partnering Site. A recently published tool intended to be used by medical institutions to encourage their patients to think of themselves as members of a … Continue reading

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New Public Welfare Foundation President Announced

Good news The Public Welfare Foundation has announced that their new President, effective October 1, will be Candice Jones, currently Senior Advisor at Chicago CRED in Illinois.  As the announcement notes: Previously, she served as Director of the Illinois Department … Continue reading

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