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NewsMaker Interview — Rebecca Sandefur on Her ABF Study of Access to Justice And Follow-Up

Today’s NewsMaker Interview is with Rebecca Sandefur, one of the co-authors of the recent American Bar Foundation study of access to justice.  Becky has changed the whole debate, with a long-overdue collection of data that forces us to confront the … Continue reading

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Chuck Greenfield NewsMaker Interview

This blog is happy to welcome Chuck Greenfield, newly appointed Chief Counsel for Civil Programs at NLADA for a NewsMaker Interview. Zorza:  So, first of all, congratulations.  You obviously come well prepared with your long background at LSC and in … Continue reading

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NewsMaker Interview — Fred Rooney on the CUNY Incubator

Today’s Newsmaker Interview is with Fred Rooney at CUNY Law School.  He directs CUNY’s Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN) and, along with Sue Bryant, created the Incubator for Justice program, which helps law gradates transition to economically viable solo and … Continue reading

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NewsMaker Interview: Diane Braunstein Nominated for Federal Employee Award for SSA Compassionate Allowance program That Speeds Decisions For Certain “Seriously and Terminally Ill Individuals”

Our next NewsMaker Interview is with Diane Braunstein, one of the finalists for the Federal Governments 2011 Citizen Services Award, whose work in the Social Security Administration will be of particular interest to those working in access to justice.  (Disclosure: … Continue reading

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More On Poll Showing Demand for Unbundled Services: NewsMaker Interview with Richard Cassidy, Chair, ABA Delivery Committee

Our next NewsMaker Interview is with Rich Cassidy, chair of the ABA Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services, and focuses on the major implications of the important recent poll that Committee conducted on questions related to how people … Continue reading

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Wayne Moore Part Two: Roles of ATJ Commissions, Pro Bono, LSC etc., and A Ten Year Vision

This is Part Two of our NewsMaker Interview with Wayne Moore, author of Delivering Legal Services to Low-Income People.  Part One, here, included discussion of what Wayne has learned about how a system should be built, what components it should … Continue reading

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Wayne Moore Discusses His Comprehensive Vision for Legal Aid Programs — Part One of Our NewsMaker Interview

Wayne Moore has been an access to justice leader for almost 30 years.  Two of his greatest achievements have been helping to conceptualize and operationalize the hotline and pro bono movements.  He has now drawn upon his long experience to … Continue reading

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NewsMaker Interview: CJ Lippman on New York Foreclosure Settlement Representation Project

This blog is proud to present our second NewsMaker Interview, which is with Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman of New York.  It focuses on the recently announced Foreclosure Settlement Representation Project.  C.J. Lippman has long been a national leader in access … Continue reading

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Our First NewsMaker Interview — Harvard’s Jim Greiner on Study of Impact of Offers of Representation by Students at Unemployment Hearings

Note: This our first “NewsMaker Interview,” designed to go under the surface of important developments in access to justice.  Readers of this blog are encouraged to suggest future interviewees and topics. Jim Greiner and Cassandra Wolos Pattanayak’s draft article, What … Continue reading

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