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Florida Bar Foundation and SRLN gets Kudos For their ATJ Mapping from ESRI, the GIS Company

I have already raved about this product, which brilliantly brings together multiple data to show the ATJ burden and treat from the Hurricane. So it is great to see that ESRI, a very major GIS-mapping company has honored this project … Continue reading

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My Video on Five Ways to Incentivize Bar, Courts, Legal Tech and Nonprofits to Get Us to Access for All

Here is my second short video, made initially for the SRLN day at the Equal Justice Conference.  This one lays out five ways to use the power and threat of regulation/deregulation, and other incentives such as the tax code, to … Continue reading

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John Naughton In the Guardian Calls for Code of Ethics For Those Who Write Algorithms

A fascinating article in the Guardian is of relevance to anyone who builds or uses technology in the justice system. After highlighting the range of decisions made by algorithms today, and their potential consequences, the writer, John Naughton, moves to … Continue reading

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Poor Suffer From Bad Websites — What Is To Be Done?

One good side effect of the health care web site story is that it is bringing attention to the broader and longer term problem of the costs inflicted on the less fortunate by bad government technology.  The New York Times … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the LSC TIG Solicitation

The LSC Technology Grants solicitation is out, with short letters of intent due March 18.  While applications must be made by existing LSC grantees, there is great openness to cooperative grants in which access to justice partners, including courts, are … Continue reading

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Making Technology Transform Government — the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Fellowship Program

I love this from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau: If you’re a talented developer or designer, you’re getting a lot of offers. But you need a serious challenge. And we’re pretty sure you won’t find anything as serious as this. … Continue reading

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