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On the Need for Uncompromising Reassertions of Neutral Principles Regardless of Inevitable Political Implications

There is obviously a lot to cheer about today, as different aspects of our complex, flexible, and therefore very resilient system starts to trigger its anti-fascism-antibodies. One of the most important, in the long term, may be the fact that … Continue reading

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Algorithms and Checklists May Help Deal With Implicit Bias

While I am an advocate of algorithm driven processes in law, I still have a slightly queasy feeling about the whole idea.  It comes from the fear that outcomes are not going to be “far,” but are going to be … Continue reading

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Council of Economic Advisors Report on Costs and Benefits of Incarceration Versus Other Approaches Incudes Excellent Arguments for Broader Impact of Access to Civil Justice

When the White House Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) speaks, the world listens. And, indeed, when the CEA issued Economic Perspectives on Incarceration and the Criminal Justice System, it was a very big deal. What was unusual was that the … Continue reading

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Good News Spreads More on Social Media — Implications for Outreach

A fascinating story in the New York Times reports that while it s generally thought that bad news is more popular in traditional media, “if it bleeds, it leads,” the opposite is the case in social media.  The finding is … Continue reading

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Pattern Recognition Software Advances — Implications for Outcomes Research and Triage

Yesterday’s New York Times has a potentially significant article on advances in neural network pattern recognition software: Using an artificial intelligence technique inspired by theories about how the brain recognizes patterns, technology companies are reporting startling gains in fields as … Continue reading

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Using Prizes to Engage the Tech Community — A Model for Us

The Federal Trade Commission is using the lure of a $50,000 prize to incentivise new ideas to deal with robocall problem. Best of all, the agency is making data available to help people think about the problem: As part of … Continue reading

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American Judges Association Adopts White Paper on Implications of Science for Judging

This White Paper, MINDING THE COURT, should be read by all judges and those who appear in front of, or talk to (professionally or personally), judges. It focuses on the lessons of recent neuroscience and their implications for fair and … Continue reading

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