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Justice Kennedy’s Opinion On “Baking Discrimination” Is Clarion Call for Process Neutrality In The Entire Governmental Sphere

In a brilliant piece in Politico today, Professor Richard Primus argues that the Baking for Gay Marriage Opinion, by rejecting broad First Amendment protections for discrimination, sets up the travel ban case for a similarly positive outcome, not only because … Continue reading

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ICE Policy Insults Courts by Not Treating Them as “Sensitive Locations.” This Calls for Far More Forceful Response By National Access and Court Organizations.

This from the ICE FAQ page says it all: Are courthouses sensitive locations? Courthouses do not fall under ICE or CBP’s policies concerning enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations. In other words, courts are not the kind of … Continue reading

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Do Not Call Us Immigrants, Call us “Americans By Choice”

That’s what I am, that’s what millions of us are. So, why are we supposedly lesser Americans, or rather why do so many others think we are lesser. If anything, the argument that “we Americans by Choice have shown more … Continue reading

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Rebranding and Revitalizing the Legal Profession

Whatever you make think about the Trump administration, one thing is clear, the public is being reminded of the importance of the availability of lawyers.  Maybe also, the profession itself is remembering also how much helping real people with real problems … Continue reading

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What Emma Lazarus Would Write Today

Christine Webb is a British poet of great accomplishment and also a close multi-generational family friend. I feel honored that we are able to share this magnificent poem that Christine has written in response to recent actions taken in the … Continue reading

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Final Rule Facilitating Non-Lawyer Practice in Immigration System, Taking Effect Jan 18, Reminds of the Relevance of This Approach in Access Reform

Time  passes.  On Jan 18, the rules changes governing non-lawyer practice in the immigration system — which in this way, although surely not others, could be a model for other forums, take effect.  As explained in the Notice in the … Continue reading

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Please Follow the Lead of Our Retirement Community Network and Spread the Access to Justice Immigration Tool

I am so proud of our retirement community network, Kendal, and hope that other community networks of all kinds will follow. In response to the urging that we should make sure that our communities should help any of our staff … Continue reading

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Timely and Powerful New Immigration Planning and Action Tool

The Immigration Action Network and Pro Bono Net have just launched a major new online tool to help those facing immigration issues.  It is obviously overwhelmingly timely, as people we know, who working with us, or provide services to us … Continue reading

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Thoughts For Those At Personal and Family Risk

There will be time and time enough to understand how this has happened. But first, let us find the ways to be supportive at the personal and group level of people who are now to be put at risk through … Continue reading

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Immigration Judges Learn to Recognze and Protect Against Implicit Bias

The NYT has an important piece today on judges and implicit bias. Now, as the country struggles with how these instinctive judgments shape our lives, the Justice Department is trying to minimize the role of bias in law enforcement and … Continue reading

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Forced to Choose, In Spirit I Become a European-American Today, Rather Than a British-American

Given the immigration and access implications, I am re-posting the below from my politics and humor blog. Watching the results last night, I started to realize that I now feel more European then British.  If, as a result of the … Continue reading

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UK Supreme Court Might Be Able to Teach US Court a Lesson on Urgency of Protecting Legal Aid

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th, LSC and its friends will enjoy an invitation-only reception at the US Supreme Court following the LSC day at the White House, and to be addressed by Justice Kennedy, among others.  It is obviously a very … Continue reading

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Preparing for DAPA: A New Self-Help Need for Court and Community-Based Legal Aid

The State Justice Institute has just distributed a memo on likely ways that the President’s Delayed Action for Parental Accountability program will result in requests for help to state courts.  The nub of the memo is here: The requirements for … Continue reading

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Wonderful Graphic Triage Model

The wonderful OpenLawLab blog recently shared a triage chart designed by the NC Immigrant Rights Project to help intake workers work with clients to decide if the client is eligible for the Deferred Action (DREAM) program.  It is here, and … Continue reading

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Interesting Simplifiation/Right to Counsel Argument from Justice Sotamayor in Immigration Case

Yesterdays immigration opinion, MONCRIEFFE v. HOLDER, from the Supreme Court, holding possession of small amounts of marijuana outside the definition of “aggravated felony” ineligible for discretionary relief from deportation, contains an interesting nugget for possible citation in simplification and right … Continue reading

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