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Oral History Interview Fragment: Future of Access to Justice

Last week, I was honored to be interviewed by Alan Houseman for the oral history project of the National Equal Justice Library. I will be posting fragments that folks might find useful. This first one actually comes near the end … Continue reading

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Lisa Foster’s ATJ Commissions Meeting Speech Focuses on Big Changes

Lisa Foster’s speech at the ATJ’s Commission focus not on the usual self-congratulation, but on the encourages big changes in focus and vision.  While I did not travel to Chicago for the Conference this year, just the text alone conveys … Continue reading

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My Video on Five Ways to Incentivize Bar, Courts, Legal Tech and Nonprofits to Get Us to Access for All

Here is my second short video, made initially for the SRLN day at the Equal Justice Conference.  This one lays out five ways to use the power and threat of regulation/deregulation, and other incentives such as the tax code, to … Continue reading

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My Video on Ensuring that the Litigant Voice is Heard as We Transform the System to 100% Access

I am experimenting with making short videos that express hopefully challenging ideas about access to justice transformation. In the first one, made for the SRLN Pre-Conference held as part of this years Equal Justice Conference, I discuss some approaches to … Continue reading

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New Book on “Single Payer” has Important Insights on Lessons From Medicine For Access to Justice

My friend, and commentator on this blog, Dr. Jim Burdick, has just published his new book, Talking about Single Payer. Jim forcefully makes the case, based on his experience in the transplant world, for a system in which the availability … Continue reading

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