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Relationship of Global to US Access to Justice

The upcoming Tuesday March 21 gathering, at Fordham Law School, on Unifying Global and U.S. Access to Justice Movements: The Judicial Perspective should help get us thinking about that huge and challenging topic. The speakers will be: Matthew Diller, Dean … Continue reading

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What Emma Lazarus Would Write Today

Christine Webb is a British poet of great accomplishment and also a close multi-generational family friend. I feel honored that we are able to share this magnificent poem that Christine has written in response to recent actions taken in the … Continue reading

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On the Need for Uncompromising Reassertions of Neutral Principles Regardless of Inevitable Political Implications

There is obviously a lot to cheer about today, as different aspects of our complex, flexible, and therefore very resilient system starts to trigger its anti-fascism-antibodies. One of the most important, in the long term, may be the fact that … Continue reading

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Dean Minnow’s Retirement From Harvard Law Deanship Reminds Us of Law Schools Importance to and Potential For Access to Justice

In a time of many transitions, we must note the news, sad for access to justice, that Dean Martha Minnow will be retiring, after eight years of very significant achievement, from the deanship of Harvard Law School. I suspect that … Continue reading

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Analysis of Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty – The Secession Provision

It is strange that there has been so little analysis of Article 50 of the 2007 Lisbon Treaty, which is being relied on in the UK’s apparently likely request for withdrawal. I share with you, therefore, this fascinating article by … Continue reading

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Forced to Choose, In Spirit I Become a European-American Today, Rather Than a British-American

Given the immigration and access implications, I am re-posting the below from my politics and humor blog. Watching the results last night, I started to realize that I now feel more European then British.  If, as a result of the … Continue reading

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Important Suggestions for All of Us as State Dept Official Comments on What Retired Foreign Service Officers Can and Might Tell People Around the World to Reassure About US Stability

At the American Foreign Services Association day at the U.S State Department on Friday, I got to ask John Heffern, Principal Assistant Deputy Secretary, and a career officer, about what retired Foreign Services Officers could and might tell their friends … Continue reading

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