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The Pop-Up Book to Educate Kids (and Others) About The Courts

I just posted a humorous political pop-up book idea about you know who, on my Politics and Humor blog.  It got me thinking about how to do a pop-up book for kids and adults to explain the court system. Using … Continue reading

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Launching My Politics and Humor Blog – “zorzapolitics”

For a long time, I have been wanting to launch a politics and humor blog. I have held back, largely because I did not want to to dilute in any way the non-partisanship inherent in this access to justice blog’s … Continue reading

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Today’s Legal Humor Aside

When at Harvard Law School Cruz reportedly set up a study group that allowed as members only those who had been to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. So, while Cruz is clerking at the Court, a bunch of fellow clerks are … Continue reading

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A Humorous Aside on Car Safety Technology — Back Seat Driver Assist and More

I recently blogged about one car company’s safety goals, and how that might be a model for access to justice goal setting.  That set me thinking about more advanced technology, going beyond such things as collision avoidance and blind spot … Continue reading

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