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Algorithms and Checklists May Help Deal With Implicit Bias

While I am an advocate of algorithm driven processes in law, I still have a slightly queasy feeling about the whole idea.  It comes from the fear that outcomes are not going to be “far,” but are going to be … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson Guest Post: Appellate Courts show willingness to reverse decisions where due process and decisions are not explained in SRL cases—Are DV cases the canary and a natural for innovation?

Multiple decisions have come to my attention where appellate courts are reversing trial courts on cases where one of the parties did not have a lawyer. All cases come from Domestic  Violence dockets. Is this a new trend for DV … Continue reading

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New York Making Big Progress on Multi-Lingual Court Orders

Many of us have long believed that creating multi-lingual court orders could have a big impact on compliance and court efficiency. The New York courts have recently started taking big steps in that direction.  As the press release says: In … Continue reading

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Another Mobile App to Get us Thinking About Potential

The University of California at Irvine Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and neglect has released an app that might get us thinking. As described: Based on input from multidisciplinary community partners, we’ve created these useful features for this mobile … Continue reading

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Moving Tribute to My Wife, Joan Zorza

Many of you know that my wife, Joan Zorza, has dedicated her life to the victims of violence, most intensely to those impacted by domestic and sexual violence.  She is now in the process of retiring (although those of you … Continue reading

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Maryland ATJ Commission Uses Useful Techniques to Report on Economic Benefits of Legal Aid Advocacy

The Maryland Access to Justice Commission has just released a Report detailing economic benefits to the state of legal aid. As detailed in the press release, the benefits are as follows: Brought $9.9 million in federal dollars into Maryland to … Continue reading

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Post Election Implications for Access to Justice — Part I: Broad Themes

This very much not an electoral politics blog.  But Tuesday had such strong implications for the access to justice discussion that I think it may be useful to start to think through some of the second level themes and implications … Continue reading

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