Another Mobile App to Get us Thinking About Potential

The University of California at Irvine Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and neglect has released an app that might get us thinking.

As described:

Based on input from multidisciplinary community partners, we’ve created these useful features for this mobile app:

Warning Signs of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation
What to look for in the home environment, caretaker behavior, elder/dependent adult behavior, medical markers
Elder and Dependent Adult Penal Code 368
Easy-to-reference summary of Penal Code 368
Other common crimes that can be used in conjunction with a PC 368 arrest
Quick tips on Memory Loss, People with Dementia as Witnesses, Caretaker Role, assessing common injuries like Bruises and Pressure Sores
Agency Contacts for cross-reporting and for providing assistance to the victim

This got me thinking about some tools that take fuller advantage of the sensors in mobile units.

  • Taking a photo that can analyze for whether a bruise is inflicted with an instrument or body part
  • Tool to gather the data for the reporting form – and send it electronically
  • Geolink to nearest medical and law enforcement
  • For victims — recording of attack triggered by sound patterns or movement patterns
  • Dialing law enforcement, similarly triggered.

Building such apps requires collaboration between advocates, scientists, medical people and techies.


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