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Job Opportunity at Harvard Law Access to Justice Lab

As many of you know, the Access to Justice Lab at Harvard Law School is an initiative to try to further evidence-based thinking within access to justice and court administration. It focuses on conducting randomized field experiments to find out … Continue reading

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Algorithms and Checklists May Help Deal With Implicit Bias

While I am an advocate of algorithm driven processes in law, I still have a slightly queasy feeling about the whole idea.  It comes from the fear that outcomes are not going to be “far,” but are going to be … Continue reading

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Dean Minnow’s Retirement From Harvard Law Deanship Reminds Us of Law Schools Importance to and Potential For Access to Justice

In a time of many transitions, we must note the news, sad for access to justice, that Dean Martha Minnow will be retiring, after eight years of very significant achievement, from the deanship of Harvard Law School. I suspect that … Continue reading

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How to Compare the Appropriateness of Potential ATJ Indicators

David Udell has challenged me to identify, from the recent indicators report, some of the “best indicators.”  Before I even think about doing that, I have tried to identify eleven criteria for a perfect indicator. The data is already being … Continue reading

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Report on Symposium on Indicators — A Process That Will Go On

Back abut a thousand years ago, on September 15, 2016, an important Symposium on indicators was organized by Risa Kaufman and David Udell.  They jointly blogged about it yesterday: On September 15, 2016, access to justice experts from the academic … Continue reading

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A Confession and a Manifesto for Client/Litigant Driven Outcome Measures in Access to Justice

As a patient, I would be outraged by the idea that medical professionals alone (link to 2001 paper) should decide the outcome measures that would be used to decide the benefit and utility of medical innovations. But, without a squeak of … Continue reading

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Important Research on Benefits of Plain Language Court Orders And Translation

This research, funded under the LSC TIG program through a grant to TRLA, conducted in Austin, Texas, by NPC Research on the impact of plain language and translated court documents could be very helpful indeed. (Disclosure: I have been involved … Continue reading

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