Integrating the ABA Futures Report and the Justice For All Components

Its finally here, the ABA Future of Legal Services Report.

As expected, it covers a lot of ground, and is a lot to read.

As an aid to speedy integration into other projects, I have prepared this table that compares the Components analyzed in the Justice for All Guidance, with the Recommendations in the ABA Futures Report.

I very much hope that this table will:

Help those working in each and both groups find support in the different documents for moving forward on both the agendas.

Encourage thinking about the kinds of specific collaborations that the many parallels between the documents could spur.

Strengthen the feeling that this is all in support of a broad consensus in support of not only the goal of access to justice, but also about how to get here.

Encourage people whose primary current engagement is in one of the silos of bar, court, legal aid, to think about how they could help those in other silos do their work.

Encourage other groups developing agendas, strategic plans to think about including in their analysis and reports just this kind of table.  It would be interesting, for example, if the current LSC strategic planning process included such a chart (in this case with three columns) in their final document.

Here is the chart.  Comments and suggests very much appreciated.


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  2. Janet Welch says:

    Check out the State Bar of Michigan’s 21st Century Task Force Report from March, 2016, too.

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