A Blockbuster Recommendation In the ABA Futures Report Is for A National Commission on Uniform Court Forms

The Recommendation, at page 46 , of the Report, reads as follows:

“The ABA, the National Center for State Courts, the Conference of Chief Justices, and the Conference of State Court Administrators should collaborate to create a National Commission on Uniform Court Forms, similar to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. The purpose of the Commission would be to generate model forms to be used by both represented and unrepresented litigants on a multi-state basis in ways that create consistency and accommodate simplified technological document preparation.”

Given that part of the reluctance of some courts and judges to move towards standardization has been a fear that such a step would antagonize the bar, this has to be a critical recommendation for the future.

Imagine the impact upon the Texas forms debate if such a Commission had been in place, and Texas had merely been asking for comments on the proposed modifications to the Uniform Form to account for Texas law and practice.

I see no intelligent reason that this can not move forward as soon as possible.


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