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Media Coverage for “Roles Beyond Lawyers” Spreads

There is already some media coverage for the Roles Beyond Lawyers Report. In the shocking but likely event that some of your constituencies might find the Wall Street Journal or WNYC more reliable than my blog, here are links to … Continue reading

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NYT Article on “Why Isn’t There a Landlord Blacklist?” Raises a More General Question

That question is asked in a September piece by Ronda Kaysen in the Times Real Estate Section. The author points out the data about tenant available to landlords, including from databases of eviction cases culled from court records. Renting an … Continue reading

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Lisa Foster’s ATJ Commissions Meeting Speech Focuses on Big Changes

Lisa Foster’s speech at the ATJ’s Commission focus not on the usual self-congratulation, but on the encourages big changes in focus and vision.  While I did not travel to Chicago for the Conference this year, just the text alone conveys … Continue reading

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Great New Video on FEMA Appeal App

Pro Bono Net has an online tool to help with FEMA appeals. NY-1, the New York all-news station, has a nice video on it. (warning, slow link.) As local cable all-news stations proliferate, it might be a good idea to … Continue reading

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AP and NBC Website Carrying Story on Need for Pro Bono

The NBC News Website is carrying a story on the increasing need for pro bono to help respond to the crisis of the self-represented.  The story is also running on the AP wire. Sample: Garcia is part of a crush … Continue reading

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Pew Study on Relationship of Perception of Community Openness to Civic Satisfaction

Pew has released a nice study on the relationship of perception of community openness to civic satisfaction.  Press release here.  Study here. Gov20,govfresh blog here. From the Introduction: Those who think local government does well in sharing information are also … Continue reading

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Washington Post Editorial on Professor Tribe leaving DOJ

On Thursday Dec 9, the Washington Post ran an editorial on Professor Tribe leaving DOJ. Key Line: The Obama administration should build on this foundation by appointing another legal heavyweight to push ahead with the formidable challenges that remain. As … Continue reading

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