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Tribute to Judge Fern Fisher On Her Retirement From The New York Courts

Judge Fern Fisher of New York has been a stalwart of the national access to justice movement.  See here. for how frequently she has appeared in this blog. So her retirement from the courts is a sad moment. Based on … Continue reading

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Dean Minnow’s Retirement From Harvard Law Deanship Reminds Us of Law Schools Importance to and Potential For Access to Justice

In a time of many transitions, we must note the news, sad for access to justice, that Dean Martha Minnow will be retiring, after eight years of very significant achievement, from the deanship of Harvard Law School. I suspect that … Continue reading

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Law School Loan Incentives Reconsidered

The New York Times has an excellent article on the wasted money going into encouraging law school loans for people who will never get bar cads, or pay back their loans.  The law schools get cash, and everyone else gets … Continue reading

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Deregulation of Nonprofit Legal Practice — An ATJ Breakthrough?

Here is an idea that might be a breakthrough for access to justice, while enhancing the role and reputation of community based nonprofit legal aid programs. How about almost complete deregulation of nonprofit legal practice.  True nonprofits (defined not only … Continue reading

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Celebrating 50 Incubators, and Raising A Research and Evaluation Challenge

There are now 50 law school incubators, as listed by the ABA.  Individual programs are listed and profiled here.  This news makes the movement a highly significant one, and the time has some to talk intellectual infrastructure.  In particular, it … Continue reading

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Nice Development for Incubators

The International Justice Center for Postgraduate Development at Touro Law Center and Lexis have announced an arrangement by which lawyers in incubator and residence type programs will get a year’s free access to Lexis tools. This is obviously good news … Continue reading

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The Expanding Role of ATJ Commissions — Florida and California

As we build out state level access to justice leadership that does beyond information sharing to project leadership and the building of an integrated system, it is great to see two new state level initiatives that are building the needed … Continue reading

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