California Shows Potential of Commissions with Assist to Incubators

This is really a double headline story — Commissions and incubators.  The California Access to Justice Commission has taken the lead in moving forward incubators throughout the state.  They have obtained funding for three conferences, held throughout the state, to explain the concept, and to provide seed money for the development of incubators.  The RFP for the seed money will come out after all three conferences have been held.  Each of the three is targeted to a region, with one having been held in San Francisco, one to be held June 10 in Los Angles, and one to be scheduled in Fresno.

Invitations have now gone out for the Los Angeles meeting, targeted at the following counties: San Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial.  For information, contact Rodney Low in the California Bar Office of Legal Services, 415-538-2219.

This is great in so many ways:

  • Incubators move forward
  • Commissions are getting involved in broader initiatives
  • Commissions are raising money (this money includes Ford and Public Welfare Foundations as well as the state Bar Foundation)
  • Active collaborations are being encouraged
  • The focus is on “modest means,” which is critical for incubators
  • Law schools are being engaged

Onward.   I hope this process of conferences and seed money is seen as a model not just for incubators, but for expanding leadership and innovation in access.






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