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What a Real Apology Takes

PR folks have mastered the art of the “non-apology,” and we are all the worse for it. First of all, “I am sorry” is simply not an apology.  It is completely ambiguous, with two meanings that in context are often … Continue reading

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The Charlottesville Victim Was a Paralegal

Here is my politics post in her honor: If anyone worries about the future of the world, just look into Ms. Heyer’s eyes. (Photo from Facebook, and in other media.) That gentleness and strength, as detailed in these two articles, … Continue reading

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Love’s Promises — Wonderful Book on Shaping Marriage and Family To Reflect Choice

Everyone in the access to justice community knows Karen Lash as a dedicated and brilliant deputy director of the DOJ ATJ Office. Now she may be about to be even better known as the loving and loved family member portrayed … Continue reading

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