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Integrating the ABA Futures Report and the Justice For All Components

Its finally here, the ABA Future of Legal Services Report. As expected, it covers a lot of ground, and is a lot to read. As an aid to speedy integration into other projects, I have prepared this table that compares … Continue reading

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Claudia Johnson Suggests Incentive Awards ATJ Innovation

These observations are from Claudia Johnson. Thanks, Claudia, as always. Let’s create a Competition to solve the Access to Justice Problem! At the recent SRLN, the keynote speaker, Judge Burke from Minneapolis, gave took us back to basics and went … Continue reading

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My Video on Five Ways to Incentivize Bar, Courts, Legal Tech and Nonprofits to Get Us to Access for All

Here is my second short video, made initially for the SRLN day at the Equal Justice Conference.  This one lays out five ways to use the power and threat of regulation/deregulation, and other incentives such as the tax code, to … Continue reading

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Does the Concept of “Entity Regulation” Provide an Entry Point for Access Contribution Requrements

The ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services has just released for comment an Issues Paper Concerning Unregulated LSP Entities.  The basic idea is that currently unregulated legal services provider entities, such as online document assembly services, might be … Continue reading

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ABA Commission Paper on Legal Check-Ups Could Offer Opportunity to Integrate Private Providers Into ATJ Triage Movement

A few days ago, the ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services, fresh from a major step forward in getting House of Delegates approval for their Model Regulatory Objectives, issued for comment a draft Issues Paper Concerning Legal Checkups. … Continue reading

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