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What Does It Say That Courts Records Are No Longer To Be Used For Credit Score Calculating and Reporting

What a judgment on the courts.  As reported by the Washington Post — (Kenneth R. Harney): In a little-known policy shift, the three national credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — plan to stop collecting and reporting substantial amounts … Continue reading

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Estimating Impact on Economic Mobility From Court Fees System

Today’s Times has a highly pertinent piece on the dramatic effect of court fees and costs on those caught in the juvenile justice system.  Obviously it relates deeply to all the economic burdens that the legal system is imposing on … Continue reading

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Integrating the ABA Futures Report and the Justice For All Components

Its finally here, the ABA Future of Legal Services Report. As expected, it covers a lot of ground, and is a lot to read. As an aid to speedy integration into other projects, I have prepared this table that compares … Continue reading

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DOJ Dear Colleague Letter on Fines and Forfeiture is Another Game Changer

As the Times reports, DOJ has issued and sent to all the state chief  justices and state court administrators a Dear Colleague letter on the subject of court fines and fees.  The helpful and positive tone of the letter is … Continue reading

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Making a Mockery of Indigents’ Right Of Court Access, and a Former Chief Justice shows Leadership

A clerk in Texas has been making a mockery of the right of access to justice of indigents.  As explained in the Texas Tribune: In 2012, six plaintiffs from Tarrant County sued the local district court clerk for charging them … Continue reading

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Disturbing Question — How on Earth Can a Public Defender Program Rely on Court Imposed Fees for its Budget?

I am not sure I can stand this. According to its own communication director, the New Orleans public defender relies on fines and fees imposed by the court for 41% of its budget (NOLA CityLab here). New Orleans’ Office of … Continue reading

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ATJ Commissions Planning Survey Shows Energy, Common Directions and Interest in Multi-State Networking

After the Access to Justice Commissions meeting this spring in Austin, the Commissions were invited to respond to a brief survey as to their interest in following up on the areas for possible initiatives that had been the focus of … Continue reading

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