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More on Judge Posner’s Apostasy

This from Adam Liptak in the Times on Judge Posner’s resignation speaks for itself (read the whole piece, please). “About six months ago,” Judge Posner said, “I awoke from a slumber of 35 years.” He had suddenly realized, he said, … Continue reading

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Justice Index Gets ABA Pro Bono Award

The ABA has announced that the Justice Index has been awarded an ABA Pro Bono Award. (Press coverage of the Index here.) This certainly helps cement the status of the Index as a major infrastructure component of the access to … Continue reading

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Rebranding and Revitalizing the Legal Profession

Whatever you make think about the Trump administration, one thing is clear, the public is being reminded of the importance of the availability of lawyers.  Maybe also, the profession itself is remembering also how much helping real people with real problems … Continue reading

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Article on Incentives in Access to Justice

My paper on incentives in access to justice has now been published in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics.  Here it is. Here is the full text of the abstract: Most of the current deregulation discussion focuses on permitting both … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Nominee Garland’s Perhaps Unprecedented Speech Today Highlights Access to Justice

The normal rule is that Supreme Court nominees do not give speeches or interviews to the media.  But, then, the normal rule is also that the Senate does not block a highly respected and previously easily confirmed nominee a few … Continue reading

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We Lose a Special Giant, Pro Bono Pioneer Esther Lardent

The Pro Bono Institute, which she founded, has announced the death of Esther Lardent. It is with profound sorrow that the Board of Directors of the Pro Bono Institute marks the passing of our beloved friend and founder Esther F. … Continue reading

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Asking About the Role of Pro Bono in Responding to the Challenge of the Chiefs’ 100% Resolution Could Help Pro Bono Regain Momentum

There has been some good news on pro bono in the last couple of years: the LSC Pro Bono Grant Program has been launched and LSC has revised its PAI 12.5% set-aside rules.  However, beyond this, it has been a … Continue reading

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Pro Bono Could Lead the Way in Resolving the Struggle for the Soul of the Legal Profession

I have been up in Canada to address the excellent National Pro Bono gathering in Regina Saskatchewan, and hearing about the many pro bono and court innovations moving forward there, as well as from Justice Thomas Cromwell of their Supreme … Continue reading

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LSC Announces Pro Bono Innovation Grants

LSC has just announced its first pro bono innovation awards, funded by a special line in the LSC appropriation.  These grants follow the TIG model, they are discretionary and competitive, and intended to be innovative. This years grants cover the … Continue reading

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Thoughts in Response to Esther Lardent’s Question About Unbundling and Pro Bono

The ever-thoughtful Esther Lardent recently asked whether we are “shrinking pro bono?”  As I understand it, the core of her worry about the impact of unbundling innovation is expressed in this para. In the right context, limited-scope pro bono service … Continue reading

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LSC Issues Pro Bono Innovation Fund Notice of Funds Availability — Applications Due June 30, 2014

Here is the Pro Bono Innovation Fund 2014 Notice of Funds Availability.  The applications, which must be filed by an LSC grantee, are due June 30, 2014.  It is important to emphasize that LSC welcomes grants that include extensive participation, … Continue reading

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Critically Important Speech by NY CJ Lippman on “The Judiciary as the Leader of the Access to Justice Revolution”

On Tuesday, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman delivered a very important speech.  While the whole speech is very valuable, two particular aspects stand out for me. The first is the the very strong language, and examples, reflecting the speech title The … Continue reading

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New Innovation Platform and Tribute to TIG in Apppropriation to LSC for Pro Bono

Here is another tipping point. The 2014 Omnibus Budget includes a special $2.5 million line for LSC, a Pro Bono Innovation Fund.  ( at p.143).  It is nice that the final number is actually the higher House number — see … Continue reading

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ABA Task Force Recommends Legal Education Changes, Including Licensing of Less Trained Legal Pofessionals

Just released, and drawing wide attention, is the Draft Report of the ABA Task Force on Legal Education.  The NYT Summary: Faced with rising student debt and declining applications to law schools, a task force of the American Bar Association … Continue reading

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Illinois Access to Justice Bill Has Several Interesting Aspects

The recently passed and signed Illinois Access to Justice Act has received attention mainly as the second civil Gideon pilot, but this is only one of the things the bill does that are worth paying attention to. The Bill does … Continue reading

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