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LSC Releases RFP for Portal Project

This may be a historic month for 100% access to justice. LSC has now released the RFP, with proposals due Jan 19, for the portal project.  After some extracts, I offer below some thoughts that may be helpful. I think … Continue reading

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Find and Join The Patient Council at Your Hospital — a Way to Learn About User-Centered Organizations

Following up on Department of Justice Access to Justice Director Lisa Foster’s recent speech, and my video on “The Litigant Voice,” I had an idea about how we can all start to think about, in Lisa Foster’s words: What if … Continue reading

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Lisa Foster’s ATJ Commissions Meeting Speech Focuses on Big Changes

Lisa Foster’s speech at the ATJ’s Commission focus not on the usual self-congratulation, but on the encourages big changes in focus and vision.  While I did not travel to Chicago for the Conference this year, just the text alone conveys … Continue reading

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My Video on Ensuring that the Litigant Voice is Heard as We Transform the System to 100% Access

I am experimenting with making short videos that express hopefully challenging ideas about access to justice transformation. In the first one, made for the SRLN Pre-Conference held as part of this years Equal Justice Conference, I discuss some approaches to … Continue reading

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