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Nice to Get ABA Journal Award

The AB Journal now does a Web 100 list honoring “the best of lawyers and the law on the web.”  They have included this blog this year on their list.  The logo signifying this award is on the right side … Continue reading

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Launching My New Patient Partnering Blog

I am launching, my new patient voice blog. As many of you know, I have had one marrow cancer for about four years, and this, together with the excellent care and patient participation opportunities I have gotten at Johns … Continue reading

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A Collection of Prior Posts on My Politics Blog Relevant to Now

On my politics blog, I have a category that has focused on the possible implication of a Trump victory. Here is the link to the category, for those who might care to take a look at it. I would … Continue reading

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Meet Claudia Johnson’s Daughter Scarlet Johnson, Now Blogging Too

Everyone in our network knows Claudia Johnson, who frequently guest blogs in this space. But I bet you did not know that her daughter Scarlet Johnson is now a blogger too, launching her blogging with this contribution, which exudes her … Continue reading

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Announcing the Access to Justice Blog Board of Commentators

I am pleased and proud to announce that fifteen thoughtful and distinguished friends of access to justice have agreed to become members of this blog’s Board of Commentators.  I am particularly pleased that not all are lawyers, since we have … Continue reading

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Sad and Glad

Many of you will know that in the Jewish tradition, part of the wedding ceremony is the breaking of glass by the bride and groom  Inevitably, there are many explanations, but the one that has meaning for me, as a … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Court Technology at Midtown Community Court’s 20th Anniversary

It is hard to believe that the 20th anniversary of Midtown Community Court is fast approaching.  While not the first drug court — that honor goes to Miami Dade — Midtown is broadly recognized as having played a major role … Continue reading

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The year in “Access to Justice”: Claudia Johnson Reports on Some Statistics from this Blog

From Claudia Johnson: Here I share with Richard’s permission some of the statistics behind the blog. In early 2011, when the blog just got started, the blog was getting less than 500 views a month.  The 2012 peak was reached … Continue reading

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Thoughts on an Award

I was happy and flattered to receive the Innovations Award at the Equal Justice Conference yesterday. Far beyond the undeniable personal pleasure, however, I’d like to think that this  award represents a recognition on all sides of the extent to … Continue reading

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On Impact of Blogging — Plan to Permit Search Engine Indexing of This Blog, Policy on Comments

When I launched this blog almost a year and a half ago, I cautiously set it so that posts and comments would not be indexed on search engines.  I made this decision to minimize the risk of the blog generating … Continue reading

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One Year of Blogging — Some Reflections on the Year in Access to Justice

Today is the first anniversary of this blog.  306 posts, over 16,000 web views (and maybe the same number of subscriber push views), and counting.  Please celebrate with me by passing the word, and by encouraging folks to use the … Continue reading

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This Blog Named by ABA Journal as One of Top 100 Blogs — Opportunity to Vote for Best Blog in Twelve Caegories.

I am more touched by this than I expected, particularly because of the nomination by Allison McDermot of Pro Bono Net.  Here is the description of the blog at the ABA Journal listing of the top 100 blogs: Richard Zorza’s … Continue reading

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We Welcome Guest Blogger Claudia Johnson Blogging on ATJ Tablet Ideas

Our first guest blogger is Claudia Colindres Johnson who will be adding her perspectives on access to justice here for the next month or so.  I am particularly pleased to welcome Claudia (already a frequent commenter on the blog) because … Continue reading

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Judge Kevin Burke, New President of American Judges Association, Now Blogging

Many of you have heard Judge Burke (Wikipedia entry) speak forcefully and movingly about the need for access to justice and the role of courts in making sure it is provided.  Judge Burke was one of the first judges in … Continue reading

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Should We Allow Search Engines to Index This Blog? — A Reader Poll

So far, out of an abundance of caution, I have refrained from allowing search engines to index this blog.  The main reason for my reluctance was the thought that doing so might make it easier for people to comment with … Continue reading

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