Announcing the Access to Justice Blog Board of Commentators

I am pleased and proud to announce that fifteen thoughtful and distinguished friends of access to justice have agreed to become members of this blog’s Board of Commentators.  I am particularly pleased that not all are lawyers, since we have so much to learn from other professions and areas of knowledge and experience.

I hope that the members of this Board will help make this a much more interactive site, with a range of ideas, reactions and conversations, all ultimately advancing our understanding and energy.  The aim is to encourage, not discourage, additional comments by everyone.

Here the members are (all links are for purposes of identification and information only):

Katherine Alteneder, Coordinator, Self-Represented Litigation Network.

Martha Bergmark, Executive Director, Voices for Civil Justice.

James Burdick, MD, retired Professor John Hopkins Medical School and retired Director Health Resources and Services, Division of Transplantation, HHS.

Kelli Evans,

L. Peter Fielding, MD, retired surgeon and medical administrator.

James Greiner, Professor Harvard Law School.

Claudia Johnson, LawHelp Interactive Program Manager, Pro Bono Net.

Paula Litllewood, Executive Director, Washington State Bar Association.

Ed Marks, Executive Director, New Mexico Legal Aid

Paul Prettiore, Senior Public Sector, Specialist, World Bank.

Joyce Raby, Consultant

Glenn Rawdon, Program Counsel for Technology, Legal Services Corporation.

Linda Rexler, Executive Director, Michigan State Bar Foundation

Lisa Rush, Manager, Travis County Law Library and Self-Help Center, Austin TX.

Rebecca Sandefur, Associate Professor of Sociology and Law at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Gerry Singsen, Consultant, Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission.

Welcome to all.  Lets get this 100% thing going!


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