Trump-Olson Retainer and Non-Disclosure Agreement

So, that was quick.  The story that Trump might be represented by Ted Olson, was shot down within hours.

This blog has obtained a document which might explain why this marriage (a subject on which Olson has argued before the Supreme Court) might not have been made in heaven.

Below are extracts from the Draft Retainer and Non-Disclosure agreement apparently submitted to Trump by Olsen.

1.  This agreement for representation is between President of the United States of American Donald J. Trump (alias and hereafter “Moron”) and Theodore Olson, Esquire (hereafter Counsel).

2.  Moron agrees to provide to Counsel any and all information that might be used to support a process of impeachment against Vice President Mike Pence.  Counsel may use this information in his sole discretion.

3  Moron agrees that any breach of this agreement, whether intentional or unintentional, momentary or permanent, material or non-material, will constitute waiver of all Moron’s rights to confidentiality regardless of any and all provisions of low to the contrary.

4.  Moron agrees that Counsel may, as a matter of absolute right, enter into any representation agreement with any entity, including if he so chooses, any investigatory, prosecutorial, or impeachment process, regardless of any and all provisions of law to the contrary.

5.  Moron agrees to attempt to engage in live sex with a man above the age of consent on Fox News in prime time.


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3 Responses to Trump-Olson Retainer and Non-Disclosure Agreement

  1. Ken Burton says:

    On a not so humorous note, it seems clear that any attorney who permits himself (and, yes, they are all men so far) to be pulled into Trump’s orbit becomes the less for it in the courts of professional and public opinion. Olson is wise enough to realize that, whatever the positives of representing Trump, this negative is far stronger. It’s a good thing that other attorneys do not see this, or our president might need to consult an authority on pro se, Hmmm. I wonder who that might be?

  2. Curtis Anderson says:

    I’m sure the truth, when it comes out, will make this look tame.

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