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Justice Kennedy’s Opinion On “Baking Discrimination” Is Clarion Call for Process Neutrality In The Entire Governmental Sphere

In a brilliant piece in Politico today, Professor Richard Primus argues that the Baking for Gay Marriage Opinion, by rejecting broad First Amendment protections for discrimination, sets up the travel ban case for a similarly positive outcome, not only because … Continue reading

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Now is the Time to Preserve the History of Government (and More) on the Internet –The WayBack Machine

Very few people know about the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.  It is an amazing tool, which lets you look at the history of websites, that is to say how they have looked over time. Here, picking an example totally at … Continue reading

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Sony Could Make “The Interview” Available For Free and Turn Its Story From a Disaster Into a Triumph for Freedom of Expresion and Access

Supposing Sony, instead of giving in to intimidation and exercising self-censorship, announced it would now make the film available for free to any streaming or distribution system that would make it available to the public without any cost (perhaps acknowledging … Continue reading

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