Illiinois LegalAid Online Launches iPhone App

No surprise here, Illinois LegalAid Online remains in the forefront with their iPhone App, downloadable here.

The description is as follows:

A field guide to Illinois law. Made for non-lawyers. Get easy to understand legal tools for issues like divorce, custody, criminal records, small claims, eviction, foreclosure, unemployment, name change, guardianship and more. Plain language legal information includes FAQs, step-by-step instructions and referrals to helpful organizations. This is a handy tool for Illinois families, consumers, workers, tenants, landlords, homeowners and more. Takes the fear out of going to court!

Here is the sample screen shot from the download site.

A challenge to other states — courts and legal aid.


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  3. Great idea. This app and the new Force for Good app from Public Counsel are a great way to democratize legal information and facilitate referrals.

  4. Lisa Colpoys says:

    Thanks for the mention Richard!

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