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Maybe Gorsuch Has Some Possibilities

There is certainly evidence in support of the dominant meme of Gorsuch’s extreme conservatism.  However, there may be one nugget of good news in the access to justice area. In a VA disability case, in which the Court denied cert., … Continue reading

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NYT Article on “Why Isn’t There a Landlord Blacklist?” Raises a More General Question

That question is asked in a September piece by Ronda Kaysen in the Times Real Estate Section. The author points out the data about tenant available to landlords, including from databases of eviction cases culled from court records. Renting an … Continue reading

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True Neutrality in a Time of Existential Crisis

What is rapidly becoming not a national existential crisis, but a world existential crisis forces us to examine not the limits of neutrality, but the obligations of neutrality. The United States is enriched by enormous numbers of organizations that are … Continue reading

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Watching for Signs of Dictatorship and the Legal System

When I started my politics and humor blog, I had intended to maintain a pretty rigid line between the materials on that blog and this one. It is a measure of how much things have deteriorated in the last month … Continue reading

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Additional Evidence That Constitutional Institutions Are Moving to Protect the Constittional Balance

I recently blogged about how US institutions are moving to protect the Constitution in the event of a Trump Presidency. Now comes evidence that the Federal Courts, at least, are moving to make it less likely that one who has … Continue reading

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Thoughts For Federal Agencies and ATJ Commissions Building on the White House LAIR Meeting

I am not sure that the ATJ Community fully appreciates the scope of the implications of the recent Legal Aid Inter-agency Round-table inaugural meeting, about which I first blogged here.  Nor, I suspect do all Federal agencies yet realize the … Continue reading

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Jim Sandman’s Comment on the Nomination of Judge Garland and Access to Justice

Many of us have been wondering about the potential implications of the nomination of Judge Garland for access to justice. Well, here is one very important clue, a comment by LSC President Jim Sandman.  Jim is, of course, a former … Continue reading

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