On the Only Right Response to the Idea of US Government Making All Muslims Register

Obviously, the recently partially apparently walked-back endorsement by a US Presidential candidate of the idea of making all Muslims register is truly obscene in the light of what such a requirement led to in the Holocaust.

The answer to such demagoguery is simple, and I wonder who will be the first to utter it.

“If that is required, I will be the first to register, and I wold will urge everyone in this country to join with me as registering as a Muslim.”

There is precedent in the Danes’ response to Hitler’s order that all Jews wear stars.

Let’ see if any of the current crop of candidates can rise fully to this challenge.  In my opinion, any of them who fails to do so is not fit to be President.

Maybe we should start an online project — “Registermefirst.net.”



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5 Responses to On the Only Right Response to the Idea of US Government Making All Muslims Register

  1. Peter Fielding says:

    To use the word “obscene” is to be too delicate. We do not need to look to Europe fifty years ago for examples. Americans of Japanese origins were interned in 1942 and currently death row demographic brings current our social bigotry.

    The appeal to the lowest common denominator of social commentary, the reactive view of human interaction, is what we are seeing (again and again) where the class or the group of people is being blamed for the actions of the few, is sickening both physically and intellectually. In response we are seeing an increased momentum of the loud winning out over the thoughtful.

    Well, it may be the time for the thoughtful to become the louder and speak up before matters are made worse for those in the immediate areas of conflict , for the families trying to escape brutal or slow death and for ALL those decent people who are just trying to make their way.

    This is shameful politics. In a free society free expression of even detestable content must be allowed BUT also it must have a resolute and powerful response. This is the entry fee for democracy. In the absence of robust condemnation, we encourage demagoguery, bigotry and fascism of which we have seen too much in the last hundred years. Silence is not an option if we truly want to have personal freedoms to lead our lives according to our own lights.

    None of this is new. It is cyclical in keeping with memory loss and complacency. Time to speak out loud and clear.

  2. Mary Ryan says:

    Richard, this is not to inflame, but to educate. This article reflects the sad ignorance of too many. Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. The population of Americans who enjoy the Muslim faith have lived here peacefully among other faiths across the nation for many years. The ignorance has re-established itself and those of us who can must stand strong. Intelligence blended with ignorance, hatred and mob mentality is so frightening. Peace.

  3. Jim Greiner says:

    I will register.

  4. Mary Ryan says:

    Disgraceful. So horribly against every grain of our Constitution in the literal sense. The level of ignorance is heartwrenching.

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