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What Does It Say That Courts Records Are No Longer To Be Used For Credit Score Calculating and Reporting

What a judgment on the courts.  As reported by the Washington Post — (Kenneth R. Harney): In a little-known policy shift, the three national credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — plan to stop collecting and reporting substantial amounts … Continue reading

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Now is the Time to Preserve the History of Government (and More) on the Internet –The WayBack Machine

Very few people know about the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.  It is an amazing tool, which lets you look at the history of websites, that is to say how they have looked over time. Here, picking an example totally at … Continue reading

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NYT Article on “Why Isn’t There a Landlord Blacklist?” Raises a More General Question

That question is asked in a September piece by Ronda Kaysen in the Times Real Estate Section. The author points out the data about tenant available to landlords, including from databases of eviction cases culled from court records. Renting an … Continue reading

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DOJ/NSF White House Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable Report on Access to Justice Research

I have been much remiss in not blogging earlier about this important and very timely Report from the Department of Justice (NIJ and ATJ) and the National Science Foundation on Research in Access to Justice.  Formally titled White House Legal … Continue reading

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Great NYT Online Piece on “Legal Aid With A Digital Twist” Features Claudia Johnson, Law Help Interactive, and Others

At last, the media is staring to “get” that legal aid is not just traditional advocacy. The Time’s Fixes has a piece on digital expungment, ATJ hackathons, our guest blogger Claudia Johnson, Law Help Interactive and more. The rise of … Continue reading

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Add Access to Justice As A Criteria for “Just Companies” An Idea Urged By Paul Tudor Jones II, hedge-fund billionaire

Under the wonderful headline, A Plan to Rank ‘Just’ Companies Aims to Close the Wealth Gap, Alexandra Stanley has a great article in today’s New York Times. Like all the best ideas, this one is simple: Paul Tudor Jones II, … Continue reading

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What Might “Access to Justice Sullivan Principles” Look Like?

I recently blogged about the idea of access to justice “Sullivan Principles”.  As man will remember, the Sullivan Principles were a set of principles for corporations about dealing with the old apartheid regime in South Africa.  While some criticized these … Continue reading

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Reflections on Two Comments on 100% Access to Justice Definition

The proposed definition of 100% access to justice has received near record comments — and hopefully there will be more.  I want to comment on two here, although all are worth consideration and debate. Jim Greiner points out that the … Continue reading

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Prosecutors Undercut their Legitimacy and Thus the Rule of Law

In a wonderfully understated story, last Sunday’s New York Times reports on the hard-to-believe practice of DAs allowing collection agencies to use their letterhead in collection efforts without the DAs making any effort to verify the asserted debt. The [letters] … Continue reading

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Discharging Student Loans — Self-Represented Effectiveness

The NY Times has an interesting article on how few student loans are discharged in bankruptcy — actually an additional procedure with different standards is needed.  There’s a debate about whether the problem is lack of attempts, or the admittedly … Continue reading

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Implications of News Report on Problems with Credit Card Debt Collections

The New York Times reports today that credit card debt collection practices have just the same problems that emerged in the foreclosure crisis: The same problems that plagued the foreclosure process — and prompted a multibillion-dollar settlement with big banks … Continue reading

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Consumer Reports Misses the Boat on Online Legal Tools

I have always had the greatest respect for Consumer Report Magazine, and its commitment to standing up for the little guy in their dealings with the providers of products and services. I was disappointed to see that the current September … Continue reading

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Making Technology Transform Government — the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Fellowship Program

I love this from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau: If you’re a talented developer or designer, you’re getting a lot of offers. But you need a serious challenge. And we’re pretty sure you won’t find anything as serious as this. … Continue reading

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