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CCJ/COSCA Letter to OMB on LSC Funding Highlights Bipartisan Support for Access to Justice

In response to recent stories that the Administration had LSC on a target list, perhaps the most powerfully bipartisan bodies in the US legal system chimed in in support for LSC funding. The Presidents of the Conference of Chief Justices … Continue reading

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How Not To Bring The Litigant Voice Into the Legal System

Richard Moorhead of University College London has a brilliant blog post here, on a recent attempt by the Solicitors Regulatory Association to impact the process of reforming (or not) the exam process for qualifying as a solicitor. (By the way, … Continue reading

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Article on Incentives in Access to Justice

My paper on incentives in access to justice has now been published in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics.  Here it is. Here is the full text of the abstract: Most of the current deregulation discussion focuses on permitting both … Continue reading

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Launching My Politics and Humor Blog – “zorzapolitics”

For a long time, I have been wanting to launch a politics and humor blog. I have held back, largely because I did not want to to dilute in any way the non-partisanship inherent in this access to justice blog’s … Continue reading

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A Reassuring Thought During Hard Times For Those Who Believe in Facts, Fairness, Reason and Rules

I think it is fair to say that those of us who are working for access to justice believe in “facts, fairness, reason, and rules” for resolving disputes at both the individual and societal level.  The access to justice movement … Continue reading

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Five Transformative Bar Reform Ideas To Get to 100% to Justice — Paper Abstract

A few months ago, the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics invited me to submit a paper on the relationship between access to justice, commercialization of the legal practice, and judicial ethics.  The paper will be published in the summer of … Continue reading

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Jim Greiner’s Comment on the Inherent Conflict Respresented by Funding Public Defenders by Fees Charged Defendant’s and My Response

Jim Greiner has submitted a brilliant and challenging comment on my recent post about the funding of 41% of the New Orleans Public Defender from court fines, fees and assessments.  It is worth very serious consideration.  Here is the full … Continue reading

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