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About This Blog

This blog is about access to justice, and is designed for those in who in the field to obtain and discuss new ideas.  We define access to justice broadly to include innovations in courts, the bar, legal aid and community that make it easier for people to obtain access to justice institutions, and to just results within those institutions.  The blog may also contain material from unrelated fields that is thought relevant to our work in this area.

Opinions published in the blog are those of the authors, and not necessarily of those of the organizations with which they may be associated.

About Ricard Zorza

The major theme of Richard’s Zorza’s professional life has been making systems for in the interests of those they are meant to serve.  He was recently described in a Resolution of Recognition by the Conferences of Chief Justices and State Court Administrators as having been “prolific in his production of influential scholarly articles, ground-breaking education curricula, innovative protocols and toolkits, [as having] served as the foremost ambassador and crusader for the cause of self represented litigants in the United States; and [as one whose] service has been marked by exceptional accomplishments which have benefited innumerable litigants and courts throughout the nation.”

Now semi-retired, he focused mainly in the past twenty-five years on issues of access to justice, technology and legal ethics. Founder and Coordinator Emeritus of the Self Represented Litigation Network, and a graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Zorza is a former public defender, legal services attorney and justice technology designer. His book, The Self-Help Friendly Court: Designed from the Ground Up to Work for People Without Lawyers, was published by the National Center for State Courts in 2002. His article The Disconnect Between the Requirements of Judicial Neutrality and Those of the Appearance of Neutrality when Parties Appear Pro Se: Causes, Solutions, Recommendations, and Implications, 17 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, 423 (2004) is widely used to define the structure of thought on the topic.

He has recently also become a leader in promoting the voice of patients and caregivers in the health care system.  He is a member of the Johns Hopkins Oncology Patient Council, has addressed the National Policy Council of AARP on the issue, and assists the National Quality Forum, NCQA, Planetree and others by providing the patient perspective on innovation and quality measures.  He particularly promotes the idea of “patient partnering,” in which the patient and those providing assistance view themselves as equal and respectful partners, bringing different assets, knowledge and skills to the collaborative ventures of healing and system improvement at all levels.

Additional information and publications can be obtained on his website at www.zorza.net and the blogs below.

The blogs to which Richard contributes are:

Richard Zorza’s Access to Justice Blog,

Richard Zorza’s Politics and Humor Blog,

Collington Residents’ Association.

Patient Partnering

Richard Zorza’s Personal Health Updates,


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  7. Richard – I think that it would be great if we could co-ordinate our work / touch base with one another. I (a law professor) am documenting the stories of SRL’s in Canada (whose experiences of course are going to be the same or very similar to those in the US). See our website at http://www.representing-yourself.com. Would love to chat and share some data/ ideas.

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