Meet Claudia Johnson’s Daughter Scarlet Johnson, Now Blogging Too

Everyone in our network knows Claudia Johnson, who frequently guest blogs in this space.

But I bet you did not know that her daughter Scarlet Johnson is now a blogger too, launching her blogging with this contribution, which exudes her mother’s warmth, intelligence, and humor.  Her topic is being bi-racial.

Being biracial is one of the most unique, complicated, exciting and confusing experiences one could ever have the opportunity to experience. Those of us that are biracial get to experience a diversity of cultures, food, music and language. While it is absolutely incredible, there are plenty of annoying situations we find ourselves in. Usually, attributed to the innocent ignorance of our non-biracial friends and family. Some of these, we can look back and laugh at, some of these are nothing short of obnoxious. Either way, most biracial people can relate to the following 15 things.

Number 1: People who use the word “Halfie”

One of my biggest pet peeves, as a biracial person, is when someone calls me a “Halfie.” I mean, I don’t know about other biracial people, but I at least feel pretty whole.

I do not know if I should be embarrassed or proud never to have heard the word.

Congrats to the whole family — welcome, Scarlet, to blogging.

Folks, read, enjoy and follow.



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