Judge Kevin Burke, New President of American Judges Association, Now Blogging

Many of you have heard Judge Burke (Wikipedia entry) speak forcefully and movingly about the need for access to justice and the role of courts in making sure it is provided.  Judge Burke was one of the first judges in the nation to understand and communicate the relationship between access to justice and public trust and confidence.

So this is two great pieces of news in one.  As the new President of the American Judges Association, he will be able to encourage broad thinking in the judiciary and beyond.  Moreover, his new blog will be a focus of innovative and challenging thinking.

Most recently, for example, on the blog, he has shared the fascinating (and rejected) proposal by Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, another strong friend of access, that court conferences should be open to the public.

Judge Burke also shared my blog on the relationship of glucose and judging.  One judge commented delightfully: “I’ve got a 3-inch thick summary judgment motion sitting in front of me to the left. To the right is a thick slice of chocolate cake from one of my colleague’s birthday celebration today.  Sounds like I may have hit on a winning combination to ensure a just and wise decision this afternoon!


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