This Blog Named by ABA Journal as One of Top 100 Blogs — Opportunity to Vote for Best Blog in Twelve Caegories.

I am more touched by this than I expected, particularly because of the nomination by Allison McDermot of Pro Bono Net.  Here is the description of the blog at the ABA Journal listing of the top 100 blogs:

Richard Zorza’s Access to Justice Blog

While his blog is new (turning 1 this month), D.C. lawyer Richard Zorza is an access-to-justice veteran, which Allison McDermott of Pro Bono Net says makes his blog a “must-read.” She writes that Zorza’s “breadth of knowledge and contacts comes across in each post, and he is not shy about strongly recommending changes to the status quo, while always keeping his eye (and voice) on those who cannot afford justice in our country.”

Allison, the Deputy Director of Pro Bono Net, is just one of those people who always seem to be there making things happen when they need to happen.  I have spent many hours listening to her work (usually on the phone) and she is always facilitating, moving people forward, keeping a group focused on a vision and its real world implementation.  A few more like her and the struggle for access and justice would be much closer to being won.

I have decided not to be reticent about urging people to vote for this blog as a winner in its category, which is “Niche”.  I hope it does not seem ungrateful to suggest that Access to Justice should be a category rather than a niche (isn’t that why we have a legal system?).  Maybe it is just that the access community does not yet have enough blogs, or maybe we do not promote ourselves enough.  Anyway, please do your bit to promote the visibility of access to justice by voting here, and spreading the word about the blog and how to vote.  (There is a list of access-related blogs on the right side of the blog — feel free to suggest others.)


About richardzorza

I am deeply involved in access to justice and the patient voice movement.
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3 Responses to This Blog Named by ABA Journal as One of Top 100 Blogs — Opportunity to Vote for Best Blog in Twelve Caegories.

  1. Liz Keith says:

    Congratulations, Richard! I just voted too.

  2. lisa colpoys says:

    Well earned distinction! You’ve got my vote

  3. Mary Jane Ciccarello says:

    That’s great news, Richard! I have voted.

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