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The VW Scandal Tells Us That We Have to Find a Way to Make Software Transparent — Particularly for Courts

The truly shocking VW emissions fraud should force us to think through how we can ensure the transparency that is needed in software.  The general issue is excellently summarize in this recent NYT article: “Intelligent public policy, as we all … Continue reading

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Data, Decision-Making, and Eficiency — the Payoff Is Begining to Show and We Are Way Behind

An important article in Saturday’s NYT is on the payoff from data-driven decision-making.  This is an area that has not been much studied in the past, and must be distinguished from the the different question of efficiencies from automating or … Continue reading

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Do We Have Too High a Tolerance for Error in the Justice System?

One plane pops a hole, no one is seriously hurt, and, as there should be, there’s saturation media coverage, immediate inspections of a portion of the fleet, and deep soul searching about our preventive systems. But DNA exonerations suggest that … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Access to Justice Technology Community — Thoughts for Next year TIG Grants and Direction

I am here at the LSC TIG (Technology Initiative Grants) program conference in New Mexico, and want to take the opportunity to celebrate that community and suggest how we should build on its achievements. Lets start the conversation about how … Continue reading

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