Joan Zorza Wall of Honor Established by End Violence Against Women International

My general rule is not to promote fundraising on this blog.  But this is not business, it is personal.

End Violence Against Women International has established a Wall of Honor, to honor the work of my wife Joan, because, as they say:

Joan Zorza has dedicated her life to ending violence against women and children.  To recognize her tireless efforts on behalf of the victimized and often powerless among us, we dedicate this wall of tribute.

This virtual wall symbolizes the wall of support Joan built with her life’s work — the wall of protection she created not only for her clients, but also for the countless victims whose lives were made better by Joan’s profound and far-reaching impact.

You buy “bricks” on the wall, which help finance scholarships to their conferences:

This wall will be built, brick by brick, with donations from those of us inspired by Joan’s life and work.  With each brick added to the wall, we honor her dedicated service.  More important, each brick represents another step toward continuing her life’s work.  When you buy a brick, the money is donated to a scholarship fund to provide training for professionals who are following in Joan’s footsteps.  Scholarships will be awarded to professionals who are similarly working to end violence against women and children, in order to attend the International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Stalking hosted by End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI).

Bricks start at $10.  When you buy a “brick,” you can leave a message, and the messages on the wall can be read by all.

Here is one message, this one from Lynn Hecht Schafran

Joan: People often ask me how I can bear to work on such disturbing issues every day, and I say it is because I have extraordinary colleagues who inspire me to keep rolling the rock up the hill with them. You are Exhibit A. Thank you for your decades of unfailing commitment and belief that together we can make a difference.

So, thanks for your help in building the Wall.  You can see more about Joan’s work by clicking on the link above the Wall.  More complete is her resume, including her lists of papers and speaking engagements.


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