Freedom from Domestic Violence as a Human Right

This is a somewhat new approach that may change the legal framework in the long term.

The Cincnatti City Council declared that freedom from domestic violence was a human right.

Here is a link to the resolution.

The key language is probably:

“That the City of Cincinnati declares that state and local governments bear a responsibility to continue securing this human right on behalf of their citizens.”

Here is a link to the Supporting Memorandum that was submitted to the Council.


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  1. Nancy Lemon says:

    Thanks, Richard! I am putting together my class plan for tonight’s DV Law class on international human rights and immigration, and also updating my textbook. I will include the Cincinnati resolution. Baltimore, Md. also passed one, and maybe by now Miami, FL, and maybe more! Hope you are doing well. Nice to see your smiling face on this site.

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