What Emma Lazarus Would Write Today

Christine Webb is a British poet of great accomplishment and also a close multi-generational family friend.

I feel honored that we are able to share this magnificent poem that Christine has written in response to recent actions taken in the name of the United States.  It is an almost unbearable reminder of the contrast between what our country used to be seen as, and what we are now doing.

We can only hope that the millions around the world who have been inspired by the best in us, even as they always saw our defects, will remember that this is in no way a majority Presidency, and that what is done in our name is not what the majority of us tried to choose.webbI am certain that Emma Lazarus would have welcomed these words, even as she cried with us. (Statue of Liberty plaque poem here.)

Note: Updated with slightly different first stanza.




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2 Responses to What Emma Lazarus Would Write Today

  1. Cristina Llop says:

    Thanks Richard for sharing. Really powerful.

  2. Liz K says:

    Beautiful poem. In so few words speaks volumes about the injustice and extreme abuse of power of this moment. Thank you for sharing it. Hope to read more of Ms. Webb’s poetry or perhaps other poets of justice here in the future.

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