New Book on “Single Payer” has Important Insights on Lessons From Medicine For Access to Justice

My friend, and commentator on this blog, Dr. Jim Burdick, has just published his new book, Talking about Single Payer.

Jim forcefully makes the case, based on his experience in the transplant world, for a system in which the availability of services in a single payer world is legitimated by a strong role for the medical profession in determining appropriate treatments.

His trenchant analysis of dealing with issues of demand, supply, legitimacy and costs raises obvious parallels with our struggles in the access world to figure out how to get to 100% without committing to politiclly unacceptable costs.

I have just reorded two short interviews with Jim, one on his general approach, and one on the possible access to justuce lessons.  Here they are, in order.  Enjoy.

Here is the second, with more of a legal focus:

Here is how to get the book.


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