Thoughts For Those At Personal and Family Risk

There will be time and time enough to understand how this has happened.

But first, let us find the ways to be supportive at the personal and group level of people who are now to be put at risk through the dismantling of immigrant family protections, healthcare protections, and God knows what else.

I do not know how it is to be done, but that is the number one priority.

Only that way will we regain the equilibrium to deal with the more fundamental questions, such as the protection of the constitutional balance and the legal system.


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I am deeply involved in access to justice and the patient voice movement.
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  1. Mary Ryan says:

    Maybe we could all begin here to see how “some of it happened” 150407 Strategy on GOP 2016ers.pdf This is the caliber of people who ran an election campaign. As a Citizen of the United States, I am deeply embarrased by this. Nonetheless, to see what it is that the CAN do about the immediate concerns, we all have to be willing to open our eyes and look at it, deal with it and take responsibility for it. The information that is available and accessible to all. The President of the United Staes has limited power. Please see.Article II Sections 1-4. It is the blatant ignorance of our nation that has allowed the presidents past present to disregard it. With regard to the equilibrium, it is Congress who holds the power. Perhaps if we all look to them and demand them to do their job, your very real concerns will be addressed. Peace.
    Mary Ryan

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