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I Love This: Law School Incubator Project Goes International

Globalization cuts both ways! I have just heard that the Law School Incubator, being pioneered by CUNY among others, is being adopted in India. Here is the news from the Sakai Times, about the Symbiosis Law School in Pune. PUNE: … Continue reading

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NewsMaker Interview — Fred Rooney on the CUNY Incubator

Today’s Newsmaker Interview is with Fred Rooney at CUNY Law School.  He directs CUNY’s Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN) and, along with Sue Bryant, created the Incubator for Justice program, which helps law gradates transition to economically viable solo and … Continue reading

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Law School Debt and Employment Conundrum — Non-Standard Responses

Lots of people (if you know any non-lawyers who read the New York Times) are going to be asking you about the Times article today, Is Law School A Losing Game?. The main points in the article are the high … Continue reading

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