I Love This: Law School Incubator Project Goes International

Globalization cuts both ways!

I have just heard that the Law School Incubator, being pioneered by CUNY among others, is being adopted in India.

Here is the news from the Sakai Times, about the Symbiosis Law School in Pune.

PUNE: The Symbiosis Law School (SLS) and City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law together plan to start an incubation centre in the city to prepare law entrepreneurs committed to community service.

Aim of this programme is to help and encourage new lawyers to go into practice on their own in communities where there are few lawyers, and where people cannot afford hefty fees.

“Community service is not a very lucrative field. But this is an essential area nevertheless. We are adopting the incubator programme run by CUNY in New York and implement the same here,” director SLS, Shashikala Gurpur said. SLS and CUNY have been running a collaborative programme since last three years to provide legal help through their free legal aid centre.

One student has already been identified. Once he completes his education, he will be trained for entrepreneurial skills at the ‘innovation centre’ in SIU campus at Lavale.

I understand that NY Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Fern Fisher and CUNY Incubator honcho Fred Rooney are in India facilitating this now.  Maybe this will encourage more law schools in the US to follow the same path.  It is critically needed.  I do not think there is any hope for middle income access without innovations like this.

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